Dr. Abhishek John Samuel, B.D.S, M.D.S

Dr. Jane Elizabeth John, B.D.S

- The sterilization protocols followed at Park West is equal to any world-class Dental Clinic.

   Just a brief glimpse of the effort we put in for your good health...

An ISO 9001:2015 JAS:ANZ certified Clinic

1.Our operatory is cut off from the clinic by two entry points.
2. Ionized airflow within the operatory.
3.All instruments are washed, disinfected in Korsolex (glutaraldehyde) and cleansed in an ultrasonic chamber.
4.The instruments are wrapped in special indicator pouches and put into autoclave units for sterilization. And opened only in front of the patient.
5.All exposed surfaces are steri-wiped with Isopropyl alcohol, for disinfection.
6.Separate room for clearing bio-wastes and sterilization.
7.Use of water distilling plant to provide the cleanest possible, sterile water for the dental chair water dispenser and drill
8.Use of oral disinfectants prior to every procedure.
9.Microbiological assessment by reputed labs to verify our sterilization protocols.
10.Absolutely no use of metals/steroids/allergens in our materials unless specified prior.

11. Italian X-ray unit with ultra-low X-ray dosage to maximise safety for both you and our staff.

You are in our safe hands. Because, we also 'take care'.